Faster and cheaper ways to move around Mombasa

auto rickshaw

Cheap ways to commute around Mombasa

Mombasa is a top tourist destination in Kenya.

However, tourists can find it difficult to find an affordable and reliable means of transport in unfamiliar places. While local taxi and international ride-sharing services such as Uber and Taxify are convenient and easily available, you may end up paying high rates for time spent in a traffic jam.

For a budget traveler, here are some of the cheapest ways you can commute around:

Tuk tuk (auto rickshaw)

An auto rickshaw, widely known as tuk tuk or bajaji by the Swahili is a common mode of transport in Mombasa. An auto rickshaw has a capacity of 3 and you do not have to wait at the stage for it to be fully boarded. For short distances within the city, the charges range between KES 100 and 150 per trip. You don’t have to share unless you have company, and you can always negotiate the charges.


A tuk tuk may not be ideal for long distances. Many times, a taxi may not be economical especially during a traffic jam. You will need to board a matatu to save on cost. You do not need to ask anyone directions to the nearest matatu stage. Google maps will take you there. Even if you have to walk, this amazing app will show you which direction to go, and how long it will take to get there.


When the roads are jampacked, the local taxi is a good option. This is because they do not charge for time taken but the distance traveled. Once you agree on a price, it does not change because of time taken to reach your destination. However, during off-peak hours, ridesharing is the best alternative. Always consult Google maps to see whether there is traffic or not.

Whatever mode of transport you choose, remember to stay safe. Do not allow any driver to over speed or drive dangerously. That way, you will be sure to enjoy your holiday in Mombasa.

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